Micro-teaching task

Design a three-phase framework for teaching vocabulary to describe the interior of a supermarket. The while-activity task for the learners is: “Yesterday you were in the shop and lost your purse. You must have dropped it somewhere. Here is the picture of the shop (the picture is on the classroom board). The class will help you to remember where you might have lost your purse. They will make guesses such as “under the counter”, “by the cash-register”, “in the cereal isle”, “in the tea-and-coffee isle”, “on the freezer with ice-cream”, “at the entrance”, “in the exit”, “on a trolley”, “on the shelf with peanut butter”, “on the shelf with canned food” etc. When the class makes the right guess, you say “Thanks. Now I remember!” (Adapted from Scrivener J. 1994. Learning Teaching. Heinemann. P.85)

Use the format below to design a three-phase framework:

Phase Procedure
Teacher Learners
Pre-activity While-activity Post-activity

Integrated task

Clarify your purpose of teaching the vocabulary

Describe your teaching situation

Give a theoretical rationale for teaching vocabulary in your situation

Design a three-phase activity to teach the vocabulary

Produce a transcript of how the activity went on in class or with your peers

Reflect on the procedure

Draw conclusions.

Answer Keys

Warming-up discussion 1.1

1 D 2T 3T 4T 5T 6F 7D

SAQ 1.1

A 4,5; B 1,2; C 3, 6,7

SAQ 1.2

1J, 2A, 3B, 4D, 5E, 6I, 7G, 8C, 9F, 10H

SAQ 2.1

1B 2C 3D 4C 5B 6A 7A

Exploratory task 1.2

hammer, food, door, poor, soup, table, car

Exploratory task 1.3

1 the entrance hall, 2 opposition, 3 meals three times a day or more, 4 on the ship, 5 departure time for the plane, 6 the lost weight, 7 the reduced price

Exploratory task 1.5

1 silly 2 stupid 3 crazy 4 lovely 5 cuddly

Exploratory task 1.6

A partially melted snow, B partially frozen rain, C the ratio of effective output and the time spent, D the food served and eaten in one sitting E any meat products roasted on the open fire for fun, recreation or entertainment

Exploratory task 1.8

1 b, 2 d, 3 a c e f g

Exploratory task 1.9

“handsome” only furniture, price and man; “charming” only woman, child, dress and voice; “lovely” all the words in the list but “man”

Exploratory task 1.10

1 overgrown garden, 2 overcrowded hospital 3 oversimplified explanation 4 well-balanced diet 5 well-paid job 6 hard-up 7 high-ranking 8 clear-cut 9 up-front 10 far-fetched 11 king-size 12 bed-ridden

Exploratory task 1.11

1 slab 2 slice 3 grain 4 speck 5 swab 6 fragment 7 scrap

Exploratory task 1.12

1 shell, 2 peal, mash, 3 shred, 4 dice, 5 beat, 6 whip up, 7 toss, 8 slice, 9 strain, 10 grate, 11 chop, 12 stir 13 sift, 14 knead

Exploratory task 1.13

1 advised, 2 yelled, 3 muttered, 4 gasped, 5 sighed, 6 shouted, 7 stammered, 8 murmured, 9 groaned

Exploratory task 1.14

1F 2E 3D 4C 5B 6A 7G